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Bahia Asunción

Bahia Asunción is a small Baja fishing village of about 3000 people located on a bay halfway between Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada. This location makes it ideal as a fuel stop. On our Navionics chart software this place shows up as a fuel stop but it wasn't clear at all exactly what this stop was and how things worked. There is no marina and a satellite view of the one pier looked like it may have been in disrepair (an understatement, it was in total ruins). How do I get fuel? Where exactly? Who do I contact? What is the process?

I reached out to my network of online forums and groups and I still couldn’t quite figure it out. There was more of a “be sure to let us know” vibe in the responses.

Finally, I connected with Raul Robles from Puerto Vallarta, who I've never met but was referred to when I was looking for crew in Zihuantanejo - a group called Panama Posse said check on the Sea of Cortez Facebook group; they said check with Chuy Fntz, who turned out to be skateboarder/sailor Raul Roble; Chuy/Raul couldn't crew but found someone who could and then we just started texting a bit on WhatsApp (the go-to communications tool in Mexico and Central America). He's done the Baja Bash and so I asked him about getting fuel. “You must stop and see my good friend and sailor Lery Espinoza in Baja Asunción he will get you fuel. Here's his WhatsApp contact info." Sure enough I did, and this resulted in a delightful and productive fuel stop in the little town of Bahia Asunción. A crazy thread of contacts, confusion and uncertainty but it all worked out wonderfully.

Below is my contribution to the Baja sailors community of knowledge:

Bahia Asunción Fueling Option on Baja

Fuel contact:

Lery Espinoza

+52 615 109 1881

Speaks English

Responds promptly on What’s App

20 pesos/gallon to deliver

Anchor point:

27°8.154'N 114°17.463'W

Sandy bottom, large area 15-20’ deep about 200 yards from shore.

Good protection from north and west, wind and swell. Lery had a sailboat (the only one in the anchorage) that we anchored next to.

The process:

  • two days out I messaged Lery on WhatsApp our date, ETA, estimated fuel requirements (350 liters in our case). Lery responded he would be available.

  • 12 hours out we confirmed our ETA. Lery responded with an AIS screen print showing he was monitoring out progress and confirmed he’d meet us.

  • We arrived and anchored. Lery texted us he was picking up his son at school and would be out in 20 minutes and he was.

  • Lery picked up our crew of four and we decided to go to lunch at the Sunset Restaurant including Lery (wow was it good, a short walk from the boat ramp). We got groceries at a little market in town (pretty good supply). The filled up Lery’s 15 five-gallon (20 liter) Jerry cans at the local service station in Lery’s pickup.

  • Lery shuttled us then the fuel to the boat. We put the Jerry cans on the boat and started transferring (we used a cordless drill pump, Lery syphons). We did a second trip to the service station for the last 50 liters.


  • Great anchorage for prevailing conditions.

  • 300 liters/trip in the dinghy.

  • Accompany Lery to the service station to pay (we used a credit card).

  • Lery takes cash in pesos.

  • Small shore break at boat ramp requires good timing, Lery is excellent. Your feet will get wet.

  • Lery is an excellent communicator, he’s friendly (has a heart for helping boaters), he’s safe, efficient and reliable. Lery speaks good English.

We would highly recommend this stop for fuel. It’s about half way between Cabo and Ensenada.


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Tony Huber
Jun 01, 2023

Yet another twist and turn adventure with uncertainty, communication with the sailing community and eventually a wonderful ending. Another ordinary day in the Lady Slipper continuing adventure. Happy sailing and may the Baja Bash be kind to you.


May 31, 2023

Hey Skipper Doug, I loved the details, albeit a lot of zigs and zags in your fuel finding adventure story. I enjoy reading your blog and vicariously feeling like a crewmember!

What a fantastic voyage!


May 31, 2023

Great stories! Will miss them when the trip is completed.

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