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A Native Son Returns Home

Summerside, Prince Edward Island

As we approached the fuel dock my anxiety began to rise. Something seemed amiss. A lone dockhand was waiting to assist with refueling but another man was bearing down on us with great haste. Doug looked at me, I looked at Paul, and Paul said, "I didn't do it." I think you would agree that Paul's response was suspicious.

Paul loves to cook, so my first suspicion was that he had smuggled American eggs or American apples into Canada. That is a serious crime in Canada. We could share some stories about our interaction with Canadian Customs.

As it turns out, John, the Yacht Club Manager, had seen that a sailboat named Lady Slipper was headed in. The assumption was that a native son was returning to PEI. How would they come that conclusion? The Showy Lady Slipper is the provincial flower of Prince Edward Island.


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Tony Huber
03 ส.ค. 2565

Not a bad thing to have that kind of excitement on the journey. Heart races then a sigh of relief and a chuckle.

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