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  • Trish Halko

Doug is on Spotify

Recently Doug completed a two-part interview with Dr. Kristy Newport for her leadership podcast. You can use the links below to listen to the podcast.

Here is the description of the interview from Spotify:

Kristy Newport LMFT interviews Doug Dunmire who sailed his 40ft boat from Racine, Wisconsin to Monterey Bay, California. Doug shares his stories of being on his boat, Lady Slipper (just over a year's journey) and the leadership lessons he learned. He shares insights to what some might consider a "bad day" and other various challenges. Doug is honest about how his trip took a different course then he expected. His final legs of the journey provide wisdom as a leader and how to navigate difficult circumstances well.

Insights from Edwin D. Friedman's book Failure of Nerve are shared. The question Jesus asked Peter while on the Sea of Galilee: "Why did you doubt?" (Matthew 14:31) is reflected upon. Join us on this journey, listening to this courageous leader will encourage you to consider how you might set sail (or adjust your sails) on your own voyage!

And some information about Kristy Newport and her podcast:

Dr. Kristy Newport, DLd, LMFT interviews experts in their field on best practices as organizational leaders. Kristy shares from her cognitive behavioral background as well as a theological perspective. The experts who have been invited, share from their professional background and leadership experiences. These episodes blend best practices from leadership, theology, and psychology. Listeners will gain insight on how to improve their organizational culture. Resources will be mentioned during each episode, for the listener to pursue greater understanding as they pursue further reading.

Here are the links to both episodes:


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