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Data Plans and WiFi

Over the course of the last several weeks my posts have slowed to a snail's pace. Everyone on the boat has had Verizon as their cellphone carrier. Canada is included in the basic plan. Great! But, you only get 0.5 GB per day of high-speed data. After using your 0.5 GB it's similar to using a 2400 baud rate modem in 1987.

A cab driver took me to purchase a Canadian SIM card, to give me more high-speed data. I learned that unlimited data plans are unavailable in Canada. Well, it can't be that bad, after all, the plan allows 20 GB per month. I can work with that... maybe not. That would require consistent connectivity. The Verizon partners have significantly better coverage than my Canadian carrier.

Before there was such incredible bandwidth and speed available to the average consumer it was a best practice to make the total size of all files used for a web page as small as possible. It seems that concern has gone out the window. I'm not knocking the size of current websites. There are great benefits derived from the additional files that are included in a page. My point is, 0.5 GB of high-speed data doesn't get you very far these days, nor does a carrier that doesn't have good coverage in eastern Canada. Therein lies the problem.

Writing a blog requires Internet access. Uploading pictures and videos consumes a lot of data. I have addressed the cellular data issue. An additional issue is that since we entered Canada, we have had decent WiFi in only 2 or 3 marinas. As a result, I haven't been posting much. Occasionally, you will see several posts on the same day, for days-gone-by, in an effort to catch up. Thank you for the many positive comments about the blog.

"Stay patient and trust the journey. " Anonymous


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1 Comment

Som Varma
Som Varma
Aug 05, 2022

Thanks for all your efforts to keep us updated. Data issues are always difficult for nomads. Eventually, satellite internet might be available on every nook and cranny of planet earth, but until then it'll be an adventure getting data in remote-ish places!

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