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  • Vincy (Sue Crew) Dunmire

Sailing Stories

Captain Doug made it to San Diego after a year of sailing on the open waters! His energy level and spirits were high, possibly due to an abundance of ice tea, and he was ready for an open forum in the cockpit.

He captivated his audience of about 15-20 crew, family, and friends! But I won’t spill the stories here because hearing them in person, with Doug’s animation, brings them alive in a way that you wouldn’t want to miss.

One participant didn’t know the captain very well but after learning of his conservative approach to weather, carrying of weapons (he didn’t), equipment, strategy, and “donut diplomacy,” he regretted not signing up as crew.

May these tidbits spark your interest and may you one day share in the captain’s intriguing adventures!

As for me, Captain Doug’s sister “Sue Crew”, I am in awe of all he has overcome, mastered, and accomplished throughout his sails from Racine to San Diego and on to his final destination in Monterey. And equally amazing were Doug’s relationships with crew and strangers throughout his adventures that will result in lasting memories and/or lifetime relationships because of his character and goodwill to anyone who crosses his path!

To know Captain Doug is to Love him!! I encourage you to listen to his sailing adventures and share in the magic!


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1 Comment

Robert Zwanenburg
Jun 26, 2023

Hope we cross paths again one day. Was a pleasure meeting you (Doug) and your crew. Sorry I missed out on the last leg but the fates send us in our direction and we flow along with it. Back in Halifax launching my boat for another season of the Atlantic coast. All the best to you 🤙🏻🤙🏻🏴‍☠️

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