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  • Kathy Dunmire

Farewell to Red Hook

Our time in St Thomas has been wonderful and goodbyes are hard. We’ve spent the last few days saying our farewells to the kind and generous folks we met on the Island.

Crew has joined us as we prepare to cast off for Jamaica. We are welcoming back two crew members who have previously sailed with us -Tom Bergen and Nate Sanders. Tom sailed with Doug for portions of the first leg and then again from Newport to St Thomas. Tom is a longtime sailor and friend.

Nathan joined Lady Slipper for the Great Lakes leg and is looking forward to his first ocean passage. Nathan was new to sailing but is a quick study who is always able to jump in and do whatever is needed with an unending good nature.

Les Johnson is new to Lady Slipper but not to sailing. As someone who has owned his own boat and sailed extensively, he understands the workings inside and out. He is already bringing a strong safety orientation with an eye to detail.

I (Kathy) am joining the crew to Jamaica for my first ever overnight passage. I’ve loved day sailing for some time but have always docked, anchored, or moored overnight. Looking forward to seeing endless night skies, stars overhead and hopefully a whale! I know, a long shot on the whale.

Boat is loaded with food, fuel, water and the crew is in good spirits. Cast off at 6:30 a.m. with the rising of the sun.


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2 commentaires

19 mai 2023

Doug and Kathy, thank you for sharing your Lady Slipper sailing

and snorkeling adventures with us in St. Thomas. Barb and Gordon


Tony Huber
10 mars 2023

May the seas be kind to the Lady Slipper and crew. Have a safe journey.

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