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  • Kathy Dunmire

Get to Know Red Hook

I’ve arrived in St. Thomas to enjoy time with Doug, as well as visiting family and friends. We are in Red Hook at the American Yacht Harbor. Just about anything a sailor wants or needs is within a short walk from the marina. Doug gave me and Ivan a walkabout to his local favorites, stopping to chat with his many new friends along the way.

A good coffee shop is a must for me. Lattes offers great coffee and a view of the marina. From there it’s on to the post office to mail a few cards and exchange chemical engineer stories with one of the postal workers. Did you know there is a science behind stringing Christmas lights appropriately?

On to the local gift shop. I see new flip flops in Doug’s future and perhaps a dress in mine. Next stop, the pharmacy. Every brand and item I would have expected at my Minnesota Walgreens. Why did I worry so much about having all the right toiletries?

The grocery store, Moe’s, is a wonder. It’s like they took my local Byerlys, downsized by 75%, kept all my favorite brands, added in the best of local foods and voila - perfection. Marina store, pizza place, Thai restaurant, nails and hair, burgers and bar, all within a few blocks.

Final stop in the marina office to drop off cookies to the folks that keep things going and provide light, warmth and laughter to Doug’s day. Exchange a few hugs, a good joke and back to the boat to work the check list.

Today’s joke from Beth:

"My computer is not working right…I keep pressing escape but I’m still here!"

Perfect for all my friends working hard back in freezing Minnesota.


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Jan 14, 2023

i haven't heard from the crew in a while. Thought they found paradise and were relaxing. Thanks for updating your fans!


Kris B
Jan 14, 2023

You had me at coffee shop!


Tony Huber
Jan 13, 2023

Doug's looking like a seasoned sailor plotting his next adventure. Ahoa matey!!!


Robert Zwanenburg
Jan 13, 2023

Coffee is a sacred commodity. Glad you found a good spot!

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