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Sailing Saints

Nathan is originally from N'awlins. How else could you explain being a fan of those dastardly New Orleans Saints?

Although he may not look like a saint in this picture, he's on his way to sailing sainthood. But first.... let's get acquainted with Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. Yes, that Saint Nicholas.

Patron Saint of Sailing

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors. Yes, the same guy that was the image of Santa Claus. It turns out that Jolly Old Saint Nicholas was the patron saint to many groups of people to include sailors, merchants, archers, repentant thieves, children, brewers, pawnbrokers, and students.

Sailing Sainthood

How many miracles does it take to achieve sailing sainthood? Mark and I stand witness to Nathan’s first miracle. Most people that have tried can fit five fenders in our starboard lazarette, a select few can fit six, but today we witnessed Nathan fit six fenders and two fender boards into the lazarette. We were blown away.

As far as we are concerned Nathan is on his way to sainthood!


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