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Sea Unicorns?

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Yesterday morning a Sea Unicorn was spotted and rescued by Lady Slipper's Skipper, Doug Dunmire, and crew member, Tim Donovan, of Massachusetts.

Dunmire runs ashore after swimming from his boat to rescue the sea unicorn from the rising tide.

While cruising through the Northumberland Strait, the crew was maintaining strict adherence to a two person watch schedule. This was due to the previous day's events.

Out of nowhere they spotted a lone Sea Unicorn, whose plaintive cries will not soon be forgotten. The Sea Unicorn would soon be in peril. The tide was coming in and the unicorn had nowhere to escape.

Local authorities were quick to credit Dunmire and Donovan, through their rapid response, for saving the Unicorn from certain death.


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