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Side Trip Niagara Falls

Mark and Nathan took aside trip on July 4th to see Niagara Falls.If you have been there you understand when I simply say, "Wow!" We were on the Canadian side of the Niagara River. There are waterfalls on both sides of he border. The most photographed are the Canadian falls, which are horseshoe shaped.

After observing the falls and walking along the park it was time for a late lunch. We decided to go to a nearby Korean restaurant. Google maps took us by the most direct walking path. It was an interesting journey of abandoned cars in the woods, across railroad tracks, and through what appeared to be a hobo camp.

Eventually, the path opened up and there was the Korean Garden.

Nathan speaks Korean and he ordered for us. The women running the place werethrilled that he could speak Korean and they complimented him on his pronunciation. Our waitress, an elderly woman, really took to Nathan and spoiled us gastronomically.


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1 Comment

Som Varma
Som Varma
Jul 22, 2022

Beautiful, and yum!!

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