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Weather Threats and the Sailing Community

After the Storm

Today, it feels good to be behind the Fairhaven - New Bedford hurricane barrier. Right now the weather’s not too bad, but outside the swells are higher and the wind is stronger and the threat of additional storms seems closer as Fiona passes far offshore.

I’m reflecting on the fellowship of sailors, friends and networks connected by challenges we face. Four years ago I took a Sailing course with Tim Donovan among the participants. Now Tim has sailed with me through the Canadian Maritimes and to his home waters on the Massachusetts South Coast. Tim reached out to his sailing network to help me find the right spot to regroup and wait out hurricane season in New England before heading down to the Caribbean. Staff at his marina in Marion MA suggested Fairhaven Shipyard Marina. I connected with Bryan the Harbormaster/Marina Manager, who quoted me a more-than-fair price for two months in a slip. Massive concrete docks behind the largest hurricane barrier on the Atlantic coast seem a lot less excessive now than when I first arrived. Like so many marine professionals I’ve met since I’ve been here Bryan is the real deal. He’s a combination of confidence, competence and friendliness that enables him to lead a team that seems to constantly be going over and above to keep things safe and convenient for everyone else. As the weather’s been picking up, multiple rounds of staff checking and shoring up dock lines throughout the marina demonstrate an attention to seamanship that’s normal here.

I find myself continually indebted to the sailing community for seeming to understand what I need better than I do and working to bring me patiently along. Feeling like I’m in the perfect place.


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3 comentarios

01 oct 2022

Rainbow promise, just beautiful! So glad you can find and be community wherever you go. May you be blessed and continue to be a blessing!

Me gusta

Tony Huber
01 oct 2022

Beautiful picture. You are in the right place. Stay safe.

Me gusta

30 sept 2022

I am looking forward to your visits to the Little Village Café. You may not get a placemat but you may get your own napkin if you visit daily during your stay.

Me gusta
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