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Whale Watching Canadian Inmates

I've heard many times that Canadian prisons are very comfortable when compared to US prisons. When we were coming into Tadoussac we saw many whales of several types. What could these seemingly unrelated sentences possibly have in common? Read on.

There are whale watching excursions and what we saw proves the theory about the luxurious conditions of the Canadian penal system. We witnessed inmates on a whale watching excursion. The only other possibility we could come up with was that it was a mass jailbreak by boat!

If it was a penitentiary field trip it's easy to understand how someone would get the impression that Canadians are easy on inmates. I personally think that would be erroneous thinking. Watching whales for a few hours this morning decreased my desire for material wealth and made me feel calm and serene. I believe that this program, if it is a program, would reduce the recidivism rate. That's a worthy program in my mind.

If it was a jailbreak, it was brilliant. Imagine the planning it took to get the boat in place with a willing crew, the timing it took to pull it off, the bold idea to blend in with the other excursion boats, to simply walk away across the beach, and the audacity to follow through on such a plan. All I can say is that orange is the new black.


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1 Comment

Jul 29, 2022

Reminds me of One Flee Over The Cookoo's Nest when the 'Doctors' took a boat ride!

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