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A Lesson Learned

The server at the Oxford creamery could tell from my accent that I shouldn’t be ordering a milkshake. She tried to warn me that a frappe had ice cream and a milkshake did not. Everybody in line heard her warning and knew I’d made a mistake in ordering the milkshake. However, I heard ice and wasn’t paying attention to the cream part. I couldn’t imagine a milkshake without ice cream. But soon I could more than imagine it, I tasted it - a chocolate flavored, room temperature, glass of water. I can’t imagine anybody ordering this on purpose. I’m guessing it’s just a trap for tourists that don’t listen.

Well, in Mattapoisett Massachusetts, I will only ever order frappes again at an ice cream store.


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Tony Huber

Yes, lesson learned. Next time it's frappe.

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