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Come On In, the Water's Fine

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

I accidentally walked off the dock tonight. It was dark, I was texting, and made a turn prematurely. Falling and landing in the water was a bit of a surprise. When I tried to come up my guitar was on my head, I was still holding two cellphones in one hand, and a to go bag from the restaurant in the other.

I managed to get the phones on the edge of the dock, but it took quite a bit more effort to get my guitar on the dock because the case had soaked up half the river. I lost my glasses, my favorite shoes, the to go bag and the thick cut potato chips that the restaurant makes. The water is deep, and I never touched the bottom until I got to shore and climbed out through the big rocks.

A day later and my guitar is dried out, as is the case. I have yet to order a replacement phone and tablet. Upon completion of this post, I'll be ordering some new glasses. Thankfully, I have two pairs of prescription sunglasses with me.

I've been asked if I'm okay, and I am fine. I can't change the outcome of this small step for mankind so I will learn from my error and recognize that the incident will make a good story to tell someday.


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