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The Captain Does Laundry

Captain Bligh, I mean Doug, volunteered to do our laundry today. It wasn't without challenge. The captain detailed how he does laundry, and I was, shall I say, horrified? If my whites are red there may be a mutiny on the Lady Slipper. Arggh.

The Captain's Story

I forgot quarters for the laundry machines at the marina. I walked back to the boat to get a bunch of quarters, which is 10 minutes way. I grabbed the quarters and walked back to the laundry room. That was another 10-minute walk and I'm getting tired and sweaty. So much for the shower I took this morning. The quarters wouldn't work in the machine...why? Are we in Canada? No. But the machine wouldn’t take them. After a little bit I saw that instead of quarters I had a camera film container filled with liberty dollars. Now instead of a third trip back to the boat, I texted Nathan to get the quarters. It's nice to be skipper.

Note: Nathan's either smart or lazy, you make the call. Rather than going back to the boat for quarters he bought them at the bar.


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