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  • Kathy Dunmire

Unexpected Changes

Our passage from Zihuatanejo, to Puerto Vallarta started with lots of drama, and ended without a hitch. A falling restaurant speaker and unforeseen business obligations deprived Lady Slipper of all three of her crew members in Zihautanejo. That’s why you’re hearing from me.

Doug needed crew, so I flew out. You will notice that I am on the shift schedule. Real day-in-and-day-out crew, with my own watches in rotation. OK, so I’ve done a few watches in the past, but this was the real thing. Doug was able to hire another crew member so we could sail to Puerto Vallarta with three of us.

Hugo Solis was excellent. Our first introduction to his skill set was when we were trying to pull up anchor. The rode was completely snagged with fishing line. Hugo sawed away at the fishing line, pulling the anchor in and letting it out until it was clear, and we could pull up. Much to our surprise the anchor itself was covered in thick rope and held to the bottom, completely entangled. Hugo, hanging practically upside down from the bowsprit, attempted to clear all the rope off the anchor. That’s when we knew this guy was for real, skilled, agile and brave. Another sailboat noticed our dilemma, anchored, hopped into the dinghy, and came over to help. Anchor untangled, and we were on our way. What a start!

The rest of the passage to Puerto Vallarta was smooth sailing (motoring), ending with celebratory guacamole in the Mexican sun and a beautiful sunset.


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May 19, 2023

Congrats to you Kathy for crewing when Ladyslipper became shorthanded. It was wonderful to see you on the watchlist and hope you enjoyed motoring calmly. Gordon and I are so proud of you and Doug. We wish you Fairwinds and following seas.


Tony Huber
May 18, 2023

Never a dull moment for Lady Slipper. Sail on.

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